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Whilst spending time at grass-roots football with my 7-year-old son a few years back, I, along with other parents, became increasingly frustrated with the numerous amount of times the players laces in the game came undone, meaning the game would have to be stopped for either a parent or referee to re-tie the laces of that child.


So, one morning the idea came to me that this would not need to be a major invention to resolve this issue, as the basics are pretty simple. However, the consideration needed to be what other benefits could we offer to the child as well as the parents that are also affected by this. My brain started ticking away considering all the options here to improve the flow of the game, the performance of the player, and the comfort that surrounds all of this. This is when the idea came to me and the design of the LACE:BRACE was conceived.


We not only wanted this to resolve the age-old issue of laces coming undone, but also be a product that the kids want to have on their boots, which we all know can be a huge fashion statement as well as the comfort they provide. This is where our design had to be considered cool by the kids and in keeping with their stylish boots. Also, we wanted to add something extra that would give them extra protection and support, plus greater ball control, resulting in increased confidence. This is where the outer ribs on the top of the product come into play, allowing the player to gain better control when bringing the ball down, plus allowing for adding that extra spin on the ball when required. Many boots are designed in this way, so our product is offering this functionality over the lace area of the boots.


We consider this a major benefit to the players of course, but also the parent and coaches alike, as this improves the players game, plus also allows the game to flow without disruption for this minor occurrence that we’ve always had to endure.

We’d certainly love to receive your feedback on any of our products, as this will certainly help in the future design process should you think this needs any improvements.

We at GRIP:SEVEN hope you enjoy our products and continue to develop in your game and confidence!

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