"I gave the grip seven their first try out and I was genuinely super impressed. I’m not sure whether it was just like a placebo but I felt like I had a lot more grip on the ball and I had more effect on the movement of the ball when striking" - Niall Ratcliffe (Footballer USA)

"My boots feel tighter and I feel I have more control of the ball. The GRIP:SEVEN gives a better grip and touch of the the ball. These get a big thumbs ​up from me!!" - Stefan W - Age 11

"The @grip_seven lace brace is incredible!😱🤩🔥
Not only does it eliminate your laces from coming undone it also enhances your performance by providing an unrivalled grip on the ball. Make sure to check them out!
" -@cleat.addict, UK

"They're very comfortable and fit very well making your feet feel more secure. Also the material helps you with your touch as it provides good grip" - Professional footballer (undisclosed)

"Great durability - Between my two boys these have been used 4 times a week for the last 13 weeks and I have had no issues with them. I just keep rinsing them with hot soapy water and they are still as good as day one!!" - Matt Lees, FC Bridgewater

"Not only does this product seem to have improved both my boys confidence in the game and keep their laces tied up, but I have noticed that after a wet day that they are not returning home with socks soaked right through. Marvellous idea!!" - Jacqui H (Mum of two boys)

"My son said his feet felt extra protection and fitted comfortably on the boot giving him that extra confidence going into challenges. Also that he can get added ball movement when striking the ball. He’s been taking all free-kicks since the manager has seen this improvement." - Paul J - Coach

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